Lawyer in Europe Terms of Use (Public Offer Agreement)

Lawyer in Europe Terms of Use (Public Offer Agreement)

1. Subject of the agreement:
1.1. This document defines the mutual legal obligations between the Administration of the Lawyer in Europe web portal and the visitors of this resource.
1.2. The current version of the agreement is available on the website and may be amended by the Website Administration without notice.
1.3. Amendments to the agreement shall become effective as soon as they are published on the web portal.
1.4. When using the web resource, the User shall familiarise themself with the rules of posting certain data.
1.5. Some sections of the resource may not be available to the User or may have special access conditions. More information can be obtained from the resource administrators.

2. Terms and definitions:
2.1. A User is a person who uses a website to find and use information.
2.2. Lawyer in Europe is a third party that publishes advertising materials and general information about legal assistance abroad on the website.
2.3. Services are any information that the User receives or transmits when interacting with a web resource.
2.4. A Privacy Policy is an instruction that regulates the rules regarding the collection, processing and dissemination of materials. These rules govern the relationship between the parties.
2.5. A Website is an Internet resource with a unique address, providing services to Users.
2.6. The Website Terms of Use is the document that governs the functioning and controls changes to the website, consistent with the Privacy Policy.

3. Services and terms of their provision:
3.1. This document regulates the terms and conditions and rules that the User should comply with when using the website, and defines the responsibilities of both parties.
3.2. Using the Lawyer in Europe web resource is free for users, but the administration reserves the right to offer paid services and change the terms of their provision.

4. Using the website:
4.1. The User agrees to the processing of their data by the Website Administration when posting information on it.
4.2. The User should comply with the terms of use of the web resource and provide true information.
4.3. It is not allowed to disseminate false data or share information with third parties without permission.
4.4. The User may use data from the website in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement and post personal data.
4.5. The Administration may use Users’ personal data for notifications and related services offering.

5. Administrator’s rights:
5.1. The Administration may make amendments to the structure and terms of use of the website.
5.2. It can make amendments to the agreement without the consent of the other party.
5.3. The Administration reserves the right to verify the truthfulness of information posted by Users.

6. Responsibility of the administration:
6.1. The administration releases itself from responsibility for any losses caused by the use of data from the website.
6.2. It is not liable for direct or consequential damages incurred by Users due to infringement of law or rights of third parties. Conflicts between Users and third parties should be resolved without the involvement of the website administration.